Asset Management Groups

With its specialist equipment and skilled staff, Active Tree Services is well placed to deliver infrastructure solutions such as asset inspections, street lighting and flood lighting maintenance, pole inspection and pole base clearing, insulator cleaning, line work, minor electrical repairs, and more.

Our mobile workforce and plant and inspectors equipped with personal digital assistant (PDA)-based data collection tools ideally place us to attend to the maintenance and inspection of assets for the power, mining and infrastructure sectors.

We have an Australia-wide workforce, including experienced electrical engineering personnel — many of whom have worked with power utilities in the past. Our workforce is also experienced in operating in remote areas, when required.

Active Tree Services’ workforce is skilled in working at height, both from elevated work platforms or in conditions requiring ropes and safety harnessing. All our staff members are trained in aerial rescue techniques.

Our substantial fleet of specialised working-at-height equipment means we can provide speedy and cost-effective service. Our fleet includes more than 115 Elevating Work Platforms (EWPs) around Australia, which are insulated to current Australian Standard AS1418.10 (2004).

While many of our skills involve working at height, Active Infrastructure Services also manages property, including ground maintenance and property management on behalf of private companies and estate managers.

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