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Bushfire prevention technology set to ignite spatial conference
Tuesday, October 09, 2012 (2350 reads)

Active Tree Services is using cutting-edge mapping technology to combat a key cause of the dangerous bushfires and blackouts that plague the nation each year with severed powerlines.

Using technology from Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists Esri Australia, Active Tree Services developed a high-tech vegetation monitoring and management system which layers detailed maps of electricity networks over weather and vegetation data. Active Tree Services Chief Information Officer Justin Sheppherd has spoken about the vegetation management system at the Esri conference.


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ATS Supports Queensland’s Integrated Trimming Program
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 (5627 reads)

In December 2008, with the direct assistance of Active Tree Services, Brisbane City Council and Energex pioneered Australia’s first Integrated Trimming Program (ITP). The results were exceptional.

Traditionally both organisations have conducted vegetation maintenance on residential streets at separate times, resulting in residents having their areas disturbed twice. In a move to integrate time and resources the ITP was a savvy solution that benefited the wider community and local government alike.

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Climbing trees with Mark Willcocks
Tuesday, October 05, 2010 (5884 reads)

The Australian Arbor Age magazine features Active Tree Services' Director Mark Willcocks in Industry Legends this August/September issue, with an article on climbing trees.

For most of us, the world of climbing trees is relegated firmly to childhood - along with a view from the top branches. Not so for Mark Willcocks, executive chairman and founder of the hugely successful Active Tree Services (ATS) – Australia’s largest vegetation management company. Through hard work, commitment and a lot of thought, he’s been climbing his tree for 36 years. This month we took time to speak with Mark and got to know the man, and the story, behind the home-grown company that now supports more than 600 staff and their families.

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The Bushi Aerial Tree Trimmer
Tuesday, October 05, 2010 (6173 reads)

The Bushi Aerial Tree Trimmer or BATT is the new revolution that will change the face of the Arboriculture Industry globally. A fully Australian designed and owned product, the BATT is the first machine to allow precision tree trimming from the ground using radio remote controls.

The BATT is set to change the face of the industry. It is so practical and so logical in its application it’s a wonder it wasn’t thought of sooner.

The patented BATT is the only system that can offer a remote controlled series of booms with a hydraulic chainsaw that has three dimensions of positioning and an unprecedented 360° articulation.

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Our Safety Culture - 'Proof of Safety'
Thursday, September 23, 2010 (3707 reads)

Active Tree Services (ATS) strives to integrate cutting-edge safety standards into all levels of its corporate culture. A recent survey of the NSW Operations has shown that this integration has been successful and the safety culture at ATS runs very deep indeed.

It is an absolute priority for Brendan Murphy, CEO of ATS to make sure that the safety standards of ATS continue to stay ahead of industry norms and push the boundaries to achieve even greater results.  With the company’s low LTIFR already an industry benchmark, Brendan believes that in order to maintain the leading position on safety practice (and to keep improving) it is vitally important to find new ways of influencing attitudes and refreshing the message  about how safety is conducted on the worksite.

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