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  • Employee Stories

    Employee Stories – Baijin Yu

    Each day arborist Baijin Yu takes pride in making the city he loves just a little bit better. Working with Active Tree Services on the City of Sydney contract, his role varies from assessing and selecting trees to be pruned, to ground line trimming as he learns the finer points of arboriculture on the job.

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    Employee Stories – Gage Owens

    In South Australia, Active Tree Services’ climber Gage Owen has no qualms about working at height and isn’t fazed by powerlines. But the looming shadow of a huntsman spider coming into view over the top of your work visor, well that takes a bit of getting used to, he says.

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    Employee Stories – Richard Crawford

    When you’re working 1.2m from 22,000 volt power lines, you’ve “got to keep your wits about you”. Nine days a fortnight Richard Crawford does just that in his role as an Elevating Work Platform (EWP) operator based out of Darwin.

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    Employee Stories – Mark Spiteri

    For Sydneysider Mark Spiteri, his 11-year career with Active Tree Services has taken him to heights and sights he never dreamed of. Each day brings something new, whether it’s helping out in fire-ravaged regions, aerial tree work, or trekking into remote locations alongside goannas and kangaroos.

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    Employee Stories – Kay Lomas

    Overlooking her garden from a home office at Wauchope outside Port Macquarie is arguably one of Active Tree Services’ greatest assets. She is the voice at the end of the phone quietly getting things sorted, cross checking figures and tending to a massive payroll that sees over 460 employees all over Australia reliably paid each week.

  • Employee Stories

    Employee Stories – Shane King

    When Shane King first started with Active Tree Services in 1998, it was a weekend job for a little cash on the side. Almost 20 years later he is the Operations Manager at Ringwood, Victoria, overseeing eight contracts and handling 40 staff, with his 20-year-old son amongst the crew.

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