Employee Stories

Employee Stories – Aung Thein


From his workstation at a central Sydney office in Waterloo, Technical Lead worker Aung Thein is among the team of IT professionals tasked with successfully overseeing, implementing and upgrading Active Mobile’s cutting edge software.

His role is to ensure the system that every Active worker utilises across the country operates seamlessly no matter the location, the time or the mobile coverage at hand. It’s a big responsibility as part of a small team working on an ongoing project that sees Active renowned as a technological leader in the tree industry.

Originally from Burma, Aung has lived in Australia almost half his life. He spent seven years working in the emerging real estate digital industry, before joining Active in April 2007. It was just as the company was rolling out Active Mobile Version 2, taking it from WA to a national system.

He’s worked on every version since, trialling each system on specific contracts then implementing it across the nation. Each new version means embracing the latest technology and ensuring the software can also communicate with the tools already in use in the field.

Aung notes Active’s work environment creates a unique IT situation where there can be no downtime, and any upgrades have to be carefully handled. It’s further complicated by a mobile system that often requires operation in areas beyond mobile coverage.

“We have to ensure required data is delivered prior to field visits in remote areas. Upgrading the existing application system with minimum downtime is the priority. All the time being aware there are field crews dependent on the system to allocate jobs, complete works and audit.

Aung at the central Sydney office in Waterloo

“It’s a very complicated system where we always have a view to what will occur next in the technology field.”

This challenge is something Aung clearly relishes. His day to day role involves working in a small team responsible for the research, coding and design of the highly regarded Active Mobile software.

At the moment Aung is among the IT team creating Active Mobile Version 6. It’s a total revamp of the system that will feature increased mobile device reliance.

“It’s a new platform and there are lot of resources required to ensure it works well.”

But Aung’s no stranger to the innovative thinking required. He was among the first IT crew tasked with bringing Active Mobile totally in-house, rather than relying on external developers. And this transition to an independent system totally within Active’s control was a major feat.

“We spent a few months troubleshooting the original Active Mobile Version 3. There was a lot of manual data process involved to get system working correctly. It was my happiest day when automation software was completed in-house, and it made a lot of other people happy as well.”

Aung notes moments like these are the most rewarding within his role, allowing him to leverage his knowledge and training into tangible solutions that affect every person on the Active team.

And he’ll continue embracing the challenges and rewards for “the foreseeable future”, with a keen eye on what technology may deliver next.

“After the system goes totally mobile who knows what the focus will be next? There’s virtual reality and augmented reality…maybe the versions of the future will embrace these new technological advancements.”