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Employee Stories – Baijin Yu


Each day arborist Baijin Yu takes pride in making the city he loves just a little bit better. Working with Active Tree Services on the City of Sydney contract, his role varies from assessing and selecting trees to be pruned, to ground line trimming as he learns the finer points of arboriculture on the job.
Still studying his Diploma of Arboriculture at TAFE, Baijin started with Active Tree Services in May this year after an advertised job piqued his interest.
“Every day is different,” he explains. “Some days you’re driving the truck, others you work as a ground line trimmer. On other days you audit trees and raise jobs for the Council.”
“The work is always changing and varied, and that’s good.”
Baijin has been in Australia for about six years, after arriving from China in 2010 to complete Year 12. He’s spent much of his time on the north coast of New South Wales at Byron Bay, but made the move to Sydney to be with his then girlfriend, who soon became his wife. A job in the great outdoors has long been his dream.

Baijin Yu

“I’ve always been interested in biology, horticulture, trees and forests. I’m not an office type of person.”

The “office” he has now is the truck he shares with others in the tree crew, and he notes this as one of his favourite parts of the job.
“The tree crew is really important. We’re all working together and I love the camaraderie.”
But the work he takes the most pride in is the improvements that his day-to-day activities make to the City of Sydney, whether that’s flagging a potential tree hazard or trimming back street trees. Each day he also gets to see different parts of the city in all their seasonal glory.
“I’m proud to do something for Sydney and make it even more beautiful. That makes me genuinely happy.”
Baijin explains that no amount of study compares to the knowledge he’s gaining on the job courtesy of training and the wisdom that’s imparted by more experienced members of his team.  He has taken part in various courses provided by Active like the Elevated Work Platform course, and he works with a senior arborist.
“You learn the technical side of things, and gain a vast knowledge in habitat, pruning…everything.
“I like the people, I like the training. It’s a great place to work.”