Employee Stories

Employee Stories – Campbell Griffin


Fleet and Compliance supervisor Campbell Griffin notes his job requires him to be “a bit of a jack of all trades”.

Located at Ringwood in Victoria, it draws on his experience as a chipper operator, cutter and supervisor, and sees him responsible for the positioning and maintenance of over 150 items of mechanical equipment that allow crews to do their daily job.  

Most of the time the role involves moving machinery between depots, some days it’s about dealing with breakdowns, and others it’s about ensuring people have the right skills to operate the tools at their disposal. That machinery ranges from chainsaws, excavators and stump grinders through to $300,000-$400,000 pieces of machinery like Elevated Work Platforms. 

And like many at Active, Campbell has worked his way up through the ranks. He had an advanced diploma of mechanical engineering under his belt and was looking for job in that field when the opportunity with Active arose in 2010. 

A family friend happened to know Active’s Victorian Operations Manager and suggested Campbell give him a ring.

“We had a chat at the local McDonald’s and he said I could start on the Monday.”

Campbell started out in reactive works, soon became a tower operator and moved into the position of team leader, then supervisor.  

He spent three years as OHS and Fleet supervisor before the role was split into two and he took on his current position. And he’s grateful for the range of experience the journey has afforded.

“Looking back, it’s been really good for me and a consistent learning curve.”

“I never wanted to be a manager straight away. If you understand the basics you get more respect from the team, and I believe you should never ask a person to do what you’re not prepared to.”

He still takes the regular opportunity to get back “on the tools” when the need arises and says reactive works has offered him some of the highlights of his time at the company.

“The larger type jobs are pretty memorable,” he says. “When I went back to reactive works we were on a 130ft tower removing a 150ft pine tree, cutting a tree standing 20ft above our heads.

“When you’re taking down a tree 1.5m in diameter in six-tonne blocks, it makes a pretty big thump as it hits the ground.”

Meanwhile, working with a team of experienced crew members is also rewarding, offering an established and easy-going sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.

“A lot of guys have been around for a while. There’s a rapport that makes it really enjoyable to work with them.”

As for challenges, Campbell says equipment breakdowns present the greatest in his current role.

“There are days when you get an influx of issues. Some items need to be towed. Others you need to work out how to fix them to make them drivable and get them back to the yard.”

Looking to the future, Campbell says his is with Active due to the team ethos, opportunity and conditions.

“Active’s been good to me, it’s a great family company and I hope I represent that in my work.”