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Employee Stories -Jeremy Casey


It was a job in his home district that first attracted supervisor Jeremy Casey to a role at Active Tree Services. With a family on the way, he was keen to get back to the Bathurst region and work in the great outdoors. 

That was nine years ago and since then he has risen through the ranks from chipper, to cutter, EWP operator and leading hand. Then, about six months ago he was appointed as a supervisor on the Essential Energy project as Active took on a major contract in Central NSW.

Jeremy’s “office” encompasses a decent swathe of the state, including Cobar, Mudgee, Oberon, Bathurst and Orange, and has also seen him travel a little further afield to Sydney and the Central Coast.

Along the way he has encountered some pretty spectacular country and experienced a very varied climate. 

“You can be out in Oberon where it’s snowing and then sweltering in Mudgee on a 40-degree day just a couple of months later. The extremes are pretty big,” he reflects.

 “I like being in the outdoors every day, working in different locations. Every job is unique with different strategies required for each tree. I think the fact that every job is different keeps the mind ticking over.”

As for his favourite region, the Oberon local says you can’t go past the clean streams and green hills found just that side of the Great Dividing Range.

Meanwhile, working in small crews who often travel together allows a sense of mateship that few other jobs afford.

Jeremy Casey

“Living together for a week at a time is a good way to cement friendships, and it’s certainly a way to build trust.”

“As much as you eliminate as many dangers as possible, this is still a dangerous industry and you need to trust the bloke you’re working next to.”

Describing Active as “a great mob to work for”, Jeremy reflects it’s one of the few companies where you can start in any position and work your way up.

He also appreciates the innovation that allows the field teams to effectively and efficiently do their jobs.

“When I started it was all paperwork, then about five or so years ago they introduced the Active Mobile tablet. Being able to see the jobs and have the tracks drawn has been a big improvement.

“Some of the machinery, like the Jarraff is pretty amazing as well.” 

As for memorable moments, he says the first time you go up 100ft into the powerlines is a bit of a standout, while the skills of some of the climbers are a sight to behind.

“The way they can get up a tree and take it apart is pretty impressive,” he notes.

 And together it all adds to the teamwork that Jeremy says provides a great source of satisfaction.

“It’s a highlight when you’re working on something big or a bit of a challenge and everyone digs in. At the end of the day there’s a tree on the ground and it’s all cleaned up.”

Jeremy says this variety, camaraderie and satisfaction sees him committed to Active for the foreseeable future.

“It’s a good job no matter what role you come into. I’m always open to improvement and I’m keen to stick with Active and see where it takes me.”