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Employee Stories – Kevin Mosbey


Working as a vegetation inspector may seem a far cry from Immigration and Detention, but occasionally, just occasionally the skills overlap, notes Active employee Kevin Mosbey.

Based in South Australia, Kevin fills two positions with Active, working primarily as a vegetation inspector but also in IT support. He started in those roles two years ago after a lengthy stint at the Department of Immigration and Detention where he gained a Certificate 4 in Frontline Management and a Diploma in Community Services.

Kevin explains the shift to Active was the opportunity to pursue an area of interest.

“I did an apprenticeship in horticulture when I first left school. I was working at the cricket club and helping out with the pitches,” he says.

“I had been aware of Active’s work on various contracts and thought their work around power lines looked interesting.”

These days Kevin’s day-to-day role is connected to the SA Power Networks contract, involving the inspection of trees around power lines. It takes him all around the state from his home base in Strathalbyn.

“I’ve travelled a fair bit and it’s nice to get out and see the countryside,” he says, noting on this day he’s in Mannum region and it’s good to see the Murray River full, courtesy of recent rains.

The weather and its effects are something he describes as a highlight of his workplace. And a memorable example was the recent South Australian storms which wiped out power to much of the state.

“I got to see some crazy cloud formations that day, including one that almost looked like a tornado,” he notes. Meanwhile he also enjoys the satisfaction of getting the job done.

Kevin on the lookout

“There are times when you have a great day, get good numbers and find lots of work. I like to get out there and do a good day’s work, and we get treated well.”

But that work isn’t without its challenges including negotiating with customers reluctant to see their trees trimmed.

“You help them understand that the work needs to be done, but we will try to please both parties,” he explains, noting this careful diplomacy draws on skills from his previous role.

Away from the field work, Kevin also utilises IT skills picked up during his time with the government. One day a week he is based in the Active office working in IT support.

“I expressed an interest in it,” he says. “I’d previously worked with computers in Immigration and Detention and had picked up a fair bit of support experience.”

“The systems here at Active make it a lot easier to do our job.” And they’re skills he’s happy to hone in the future.

But for now he’s enjoying the opportunity to see more of his home state, with the great outdoors as his office for the majority of the week.