Natalie Grove

Natalie Grove
July 15, 2021 Active


Natalie Grove, accountant at Active, is an advocate for teamwork. A former Electronics Technician with the Navy, mother of three and carer for her daughter with autism, she is keenly aware that succeeding at life hinges on working together and creating good support systems.

“The team is good. We work together to get everything done. My managers are good. They are very understanding.”

Natalie’s husband is also very supportive. They work together to spread responsibility between them and check that neither party is not more impacted than the other at certain times. However, with a 17-year-old daughter, Jessica, on the autism spectrum – and pre-dispositioned towards depression as a result of her condition – life can be hectic.

“Active has allowed me the flexibility to work from home when I need to which is very helpful” says Natalie.

“As long as the work gets done, it helps the whole situation.”

Natalie’s role at Active is as demanding as her home life. She manages Accounts Payable for ATS Electrical, Accounts Receivable and the corporate credit cards.

“When I chase debt, I am very polite. I just say, ‘what else do you need?’”

She jokes that she would have no issue holding Mark Willcocks accountable for his credit card expenditure – not that she has had the pleasure yet – and won’t hold back chasing execs. Though, she assures me “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

“I’m lucky. I have a supportive husband. My kids are really good. I have great managers. If other members in the team can help me, they will.” 

As an employee of a smaller company, one of Mitch’s hesitations in joining Active was the size of the company. He was worried he may be lost among many employees and he foresaw communications issues. He has however, been pleasantly surprised. The size of the contracts has exposed him to different people and companies, and his immediate supervisor appreciates the work he does.

“I don’t get lost in all the employees,” he assures me.

So dedicated is he to the business of trees now, Mitch has started his Certificate Three in Aboriculture. He also spends time at home watching tree-work videos researching gear and new techniques, in between free-diving, mountain biking and bushwalking.

“I’m not sure Katie has noticed a huge change in me since I started,” Mitch says. “But she has definitely noticed I’m very passionate about my new career choice.” Word is Mitch will go a long way at Active.

During his long weekends, Mitch and his partner venture straight into the outdoors: mountain-biking, bushwalking, diving and free-diving. He says he has become so attached to the time his long week allows for pursuing his passions on his days off, he could never go back to a normal week.

“Even if you’re staying away, you can go for a quick swim or a dive after work.”