Rebecca Sara

Rebecca Sara
July 2, 2020 Active


Like many working at Active Tree Services, Rebecca Sara’s role has allowed her to scale new heights, but it’s in a support role rather than on the front line of tree management.

Rebecca works in administration on the SA Power Networks contract in Adelaide, and during five years employment at Active she has enjoyed the intricate workings of the business, from training to payroll. 

Rebecca joined the Adelaide team after moving from the Yorke Peninsula, having decided to make the transition from hospitality to administration. It took a leap of faith and only a three-week job search before she quickly landed a role with Active.

“I started as a receptionist, then within six to 12 months moved over to administration tasks like payroll and reporting,” she explains.

An average day sees her at the front desk of the South Australia office, fondly nicknamed the “Taj Mahal” due its expansive layout. Adelaide is the busiest office in the country, handling the largest contract and crew.

There, Rebecca deals customer inquiries, interacts with supervisors in the field, and spends two days each week on payroll. More recently she has taken on tasks in recruitment for South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

“For the past two to three years I’ve been more involved in training and really enjoyed HR,” she notes. Rebecca has reveled in the experience so much that she recently commenced a Certificate 4 in Human Resources, with the full encouragement of Active management.

The training and recruitment tasks have allowed her to journey to Sydney and Tasmania on a couple of occasions, where she has enjoyed meeting even more members of the Active team. Both the travel and the people she meets within her role are highlights of her job.

“I really enjoy the culture of the business and the people within it,” she explains. “By its nature it’s a very male orientated environment but I just love the welcome and warmth of the way people are.”

She also notes the company provides unique opportunities for its employees to see “so much of the country” from the different perspective of other people’s backyards, and the excitement of something different every day filters through to administration.

Over five years, Rebecca has witnessed a few changes in the workplace, including the increased focus on safety and a push to go paperless. But amidst the required dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s, Rebecca maintains it is the interaction with people that remains the most important element of her job.

She notes it can be a challenge chasing down people for paperwork and handling members of the public unhappy to see trees cut in their area, but a helpful disposition and bubbly manner go a long way to ensuring any hurdles are overcome.

As for the future, Rebecca will continue studying human resources, with a view to taking on more responsibility within the company she clearly enjoys.


“I love that Active looks after its employees, providing flexibility with hours and a great work atmosphere.”