Red Bull Branched Out

Red Bull Branched Out


For the first time in 2017, Active is partnering with Red Bull to help stage the Red Bull Branched Out at Balranald, NSW, pitting 100 of the best tree climbers against each other in a timed race up and down Australia’s iconic River Red Gums. Come finals, seven targets will be set in a large tree canopy where the climbers will use rope and branches, swinging, climbing and racing through the canopy in a timed, progressive event format. In the end, only one male and one female will be crowned 2017 Red Bull Branched Out Champions!

The Red Bull Branched Out Tree Climbing Event is a new exciting and physical three-round elimination competition leading through to the Grand Final. The entire event has over AUD$15000 of cash up for grabs and AUD$8000 of equipment to be won making this one of the largest prize pool in the world for any tree climbing event. A big thank you to Arboriculture AustraliaTM, Balranald Shire Council and all of the partners for supporting this new world class event.

In each round, all climbers that have qualified for the round must attempt a tree circuit according to the rules. After each round, a designated proportion of climbers will be eliminated; climbers with the fastest circuit times will progress through to the next round in which a new tree circuit will be added. The new circuit may be added to the previous circuit.

Qualifying for the 2017 Red Bull Branched Out Tree Climbing Event is open to any male and female over 16 years old who is a competent rope and harness tree climber with at least 2 years of tree climbing experience. There are only 100 positions available for this event. The positions available to compete in the event will be filled on a first in/registered basis.

For more information visit: RED BULL BRANCHED OUT