Rob Clayton

Rob Clayton
April 21, 2018 Active


Rob Clayton is the type of guy who receives a warm welcome wherever he goes. Aside from his affable personality, he also happens to be Active South Australia’s go-to person when it comes to delivering essential equipment and retrieving machinery for repairs.

Technically, Rob’s job description is driver, but he’s widely renowned as a jack of all trades, helping out with odd jobs and the occasional garden maintenance at SA’s head office when required.

It’s a job he clearly enjoys, as part of a company whose values he appreciates.

“I love the variation,” he reflects. “Each day I get to get out and see the crews, and I’ve always enjoyed the driving.”

Rob joined Active Tree Services in 2012 after running his own successful exhibition and display hire business. He notes at the time, he had sold the business, was looking for a change and a job in the great outdoors fitted the bill.

He started as a ground worker with the Barossa crew, before becoming a chipper and tipper driver, but within a couple of years was offered a position of driver for the northern and southern districts of Adelaide.

The role sees Rob one of two Active drivers in South Australia who are on the road each day picking up and delivering heavy equipment like EWPs, chippers and tippers, and other essential machinery. Most times it’s for scheduled maintenance, other times it’s to retrieve equipment when something goes awry.

“Everyone knows me. I’m always out and about swapping things. Active’s a great company to work for and it’s the people that make it great.”

Although not a mechanic by trade, Rob is mechanically minded. Armed with a trusty toolkit, he’s been known to get things back up and running on site when required.

And with around 36 EWPs and 12 chipper and tippers operating around the Adelaide region alone, it’s a job that keeps him busy.

“There are always trucks coming in and out,” he notes.

Over the years, the role has taken him to all sorts of place in South Australia – from Port Augusta to Port Lincoln. Once it even saw him retrieve a Bushie from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

“I’ve discovered all sorts of places around Adelaide and beyond,” he reflects.

He also looks after organising items in need of a service and ensures they get where they need to go.

Meanwhile, if something extra is required to get the job done, Rob is the man supervisors call on to deliver the items they need.

On the rare days things are quiet, Rob helps out with odd jobs at the SA head office and workshop. For example, when some furniture needed re-sizing during an office reshuffle recently, Rob was the man called in to assist.

As much as the variety keeps his job interesting, Rob says it’s the people he appreciates the most.

“Everyone knows me. I’m always out and about swapping things. Active’s a great company to work for and it’s the people that make it great.”