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Women of Active – Lynne Goscombe

Women of Active – Lynne Goscombe

After a career that included managing a 200-seat call centre, Tasmania’s new joint operations manager Lynne Goscombe notes Active Tree Services is a unique workplace where employees are “not just a number” and the friendly atmosphere permeates every level of the business.

Lynne joined Active in 2016, stepping into the role of administration manager on the growing TasNetworks contract. She brought with her a wealth of experience in administration and people management after 17 years in the telecommunications industry.

“I was looking for something different when I saw an advertisement for a position with Active,” Lynne explains. 

Since then she has quickly gained a foothold as the “only girl” in the Tasmanian office, handling daily administrative work like payroll, timesheets, reporting and staff training.

“I love seeing the mechanics of it all,” she reflects. “There’s always new challenges and logistics with keeping the business running. Every day is different, and you never know what’s going to come up.”

The TasNetworks contract has also changed significantly over the past couple of years. When Lynne first started the program was in its early days, with many of the crews on loan from interstate.

 “We were running 20 odd towers when I first started,” she notes. “Managing the TasNetworks expansion and getting people interstate was a bit of a challenge in terms of organising travel.

“Then after a while most packed up and went home. The fire cut saw operations ramp up again and now our local staff numbers have doubled, so we are growing really well.”

Earlier this year, Lynne’s ability to organise, manage and administer was recognised when she was appointed as joint operations manager. It’s a role she officially took up on December 1 and sees her sharing the position with Rob Bland.

Lynne notes she hopes to utilise her “outsider’s perspective” and bring fresh ideas to the partnership.

“I guess I have a different view that comes from outside vegetation management, so I’m looking to bring fresh eyes to what we do. I’ve also had a lot of management training in other positions, so I hope to help out in that area.”

Meanwhile, Lynne also intends to spend more time in the field to better understand the day-to-day operations of crews.

“I’ve been out in the field with crews in the past and you don’t sort of expect how high the get in the EWPs or the challenges they face.

“I will be looking to see what I can do to make their job easier,” she says.

For now, Lynne is relishing the opportunity to continue building on the successful relationship with TasNetworks, while maintaining the efficiency and productivity of the Tasmanian office.

“I like Active. I like it a lot,” she says. “I plan to be here as long as possible. They might have to wheel me out in a wheelchair at the end, I’m enjoying my work here so much.”