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Women of Active – Padma Paida

Women of Active – Padma Paida

Working quietly behind the scenes and delving deep into Active Tree Services’ extensive operational data is business analyst Padma Paida.

Spanning the sectors of Operations and IT, Padma’s role is to create reports and find business solutions for the many contracts Active has around the country. 

Effectively she acts a bridge between the two departments, and during her seven years with the business, she’s worked on pretty much every contract the company has, along with the Active Mobile software.

“My job is basically to find the “how” within the “what” of the business,” she reflects.

It’s a role she clearly relishes with challenges she consistently enjoys. Padma notes it also allows her to indulge her passion of educating and training others in the use of IT.

“I once worked in a school and actually wanted to be a science and IT teacher,” she explains. “But being an analyst gives me great satisfaction, and I have the opportunity to upskill others.”

As part of that commitment, Padma recently spent six months in South Australia, introducing new software systems and processes, and supporting the crews there with additional training. She notes it was one of the highlights of her time with the company. 

“I loved it,” she says. “Active gave me the opportunity to lead the project and it received great feedback.” 

Meanwhile, working on the Essential Energy contract was another memorable experience, along with her role in the development of the AM6 software.

“We are excited about the newest version of our product which will bring some new innovations to the business,” she explains.

The diversity of Padma’s role ensures no day at the office is ever the same, and she appreciates the many opportunities Active has afforded her.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with people who have believed in what I do. That’s given me the opportunity to show my personality and develop new strengths.”

She also notes the company has offered flexibility over the years when it came to balancing family commitments and the workplace.

“I started here when my kids were quite little, and I’ve really appreciated the flexibility. I had the chance to work from home when my children were sitting the HSC. My son even did work experience here as his first real break in the workplace. I’ve found Active is a very family-oriented company.”

Padma notes this family philosophy is part of a culture where each member of the team is valued for the role they play.

“Active should be really proud of the structure they have and the relationships between all sectors of the business. I used to be surprised that you could call a GM and they’d get straight back to you, but that’s just an indication of how well the relationships here work.”